TartuTartu City has a population of 100,000 inhabitants and an area of 38.8 square kilometres and is the second largest city of Estonia. Tartu is also the centre of Southern Estonia Region. Tartu City Government is operating under political leadership of a Mayor and 4 deputy Mayors and has an administrative structure consisting of 10 departments and it is currently employing approximately 300 officials.

City of Tartu has wide experience in developing ICT solutions particularly in the area of eGovernment and innovative public services utilizing ICT as well as mobile solutions. Since 1999 city has implemented eTartu programme to provide internet based communication tools for citizens and the city administration. The city launched in 2002 an innovative mTartu programme to integrate mobile applications with the public services. Next to the local government duties fixed by law Tartu has continuously developed its e-services and paperless administration. Thanks to the national (mandatory) ID-card system of Estonia today most of the documentation in city government is confirmed and archived only digitally.

Contribution to the project:

Tartu City Government will support the development of a pilot test bed in the Tartu area and act as a stake- holder of such a test bed.

Tartu City Government will also contribute to the definition of a region digital agenda, building on its existing digital policies.