SREThe Eindhoven region is located between the economic centres of the Dutch Randstad conurbation, the Ruhr conurbation of Central Germany, Brussels and Antwerp. The region covers an area of 1370 km², representing 3.3% of the total area of the Netherlands. The economic structure is characterized by the presence of a high quality industrial base, and a service sector which is continuously undergoing steady growth. Of the total amount spent annually on research and development in the Netherlands, some 50% goes to the Eindhoven Region. Among the numerous innovative and renowned knowledge and research institutes are: Philips, DAF, ASML, VDL, FEI Company, TomTom, Eindhoven University of Technology, TNO Industrie en Techniek, Design Academy Eindhoven, PDE Automotive, High Tech Campus Eindhoven, High Tech Automotive Campus, and Holst Centre.

The  SRE  is  an  inter municipal  co-operative  union  in  which  municipalities  co-operate  in  order  to  promote common interests; in other words government by the municipalities for the municipalities. The working area covers 21 municipalities with a total population of almost 725,000 and 32,000 businesses. The SRE looks after the common interests of the municipalities in the region. For example in the field of spatial planning, traffic and transport, housing, the environment, recreation and tourism, education, health, culture and socio-economic affairs. The SRE tasks are mainly strategy, planning, facilitating, stimulating and monitoring. The implementation is the task the municipalities. However, there are large-scale regional projects under the control of the SRE as mobility policy, environmental policy, health care policy and economic policy. In 2011/2012 they were prize winners as the smartest region of the world.

Contribution to the project:

The expertise of the region is in introducing and monitoring new forms of ICT solutions in Healthcare. SRE will take over the leadership for WP5.