MariborCity / Municipality of Maribor is the second largest city in Slovenia and it is the leading gravity centre of Podravje region and Eastern cohesion region of Slovenia. The development of Maribor was, is and will be determined by its geographical position on the juncture of roads connecting Central Europe with Southern Europe and Western Europe with the Pannonian plain. Due to its distance of just 18 km from the Austrian border, Maribor represents the gateway into the country as well as to the Balkans. Since the municipal reform in Slovenia in 1995, Maribor is developing itself from once a post-2nd world-war-industrial city into a dynamic touristic-cultural and economic centre of the north-eastern Slovenia. City Municipality of Maribor is responsible for local matters of public interest and according to its temporary strategic directives. According to the latest demanding trends and priorities of Slovenia and EU, the City of Maribor is acting on the following topics:

  • development of advanced internet technologies and information communication technologies, kind administrative procedures and effective e-administration
  • tourism and culture
  • the sphere of invalids, blind and visually hampered persons, sustainable mobility

Looking ahead to the trends of the cohesion policy after 2013, Maribor sees its role as a centre of Eastern cohesion region – according to the newly arising policy directions, mainly Eastern cohesion region of Slovenia will be eligible to receive the funding from EU.

Contribution to the project:

Municipality of Maribor will be the second Slovenian partner, which will actively participate within all project activities. Special focus will be concentrated on a direct supporting and operative tasking, from the point of City of Maribor authority mechanisms and powers, to the Slovenian coordinator (E-Zavod) with the preparation, set-up and development of a regional research-driven cluster in the wider Maribor area.