KistaKista is a Science City and a creative melting pot where companies, researchers and students collaborate in order to develop and grow. The foremost sector in Kista is ICT (Information and Communication Technology). Ericsson, Microsoft and IBM are just some of the major ICT companies to have established a presence in Kista Science City. There are also over a thousand other ICT companies of all sizes along with some 6,800 students currently studying ICT courses at Stockholm University and the Royal Institute of Technology.

The Electrum Foundation was founded in 1986 by the City of Stockholm and Ericsson in partnership with the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and Stockholm University to pursue strategies that ensure continued growth in science and the creation of an attractive environment for the growth of ICT industries. The Electrum Foundation is a living example of a healthy collaboration between research, academia, the City of Stockholm and the business community, i.e. a triple helix structure. The Electrum Foundation is active in issues concerning higher ICT education, global growth and innovation and its board includes the City of Stockholm’s mayor, representatives from Stockholm Business Region, Ericsson, Swedish ICT Research, IBM, the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and Stockholm University. The Electrum Foundation develops dynamic business environments, education and scientific environments at the forefront of international research, and urban environments with attractive and efficient infrastructures, jobs, services, trade, culture and leisure. Kista Science City is the operative entity creating alliances, maintaining processes and networks, initiating support projects that join together  business,  university/research  and  public  sector  players,  and  facilitating  contact  with  STING,  the regional business incubator. In addition, Kista actors are currently opening the Stockholm Science & Innovation School Kista in close collaboration with KTH and Stockholm University with a defined challenge calling for intelligent transport solutions.

Contribution to the project:

Kista Science City will contribute to the project by making an ITS test bed available to the partners. Kista Science City’s experience in both regional, national and European ICT activities will support the project. Kista Science City will be most active in WP4 as WPL and WP5. Kista Science City will also take an active role in the internationalization of the results as well as in dissemination.