egovlabeGovlab is a research centre at Stockholm University, Sweden that operates on a simple assumption: that good Governance based on transparency, efficiency, collective decision-making and co-creation can improve services to citizens and boost economic performance in Sweden, the Nordics and the European Union at large. The eGovlab constitutes a community of researchers who conduct their research projects into consortia funded by grants and/or corporate sponsors.

 Vision and values

The driving force behind the eGovlab is to develop societal ecosystems that recognize and respect, as a fundamental right, the unhindered access to information and the right to take part in decision-making processes. The eGovlab promotes a model of society that ensures and safeguards that the means for access are provided and distributed equally across all sectors of society and to all citizens, irrespective of their sex, class, creed, religion, ethnicity or origin. The work is based on the following seven key features:

  • Innovation
  • Interdisciplinarity
  • Creativity
  • Participation – Privacy
  • Knowledge
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Transparency and Accountability

Profile of eGovlab

The test bed
A strong, open environment to test upcoming innovations in eGovernment service delivery nationally and internationally and contribute to the dissemination and take-up of the end-results. Demonstrate through live use cases the potential of connected eGovernment.

A network of stakeholders
A network of stakeholders to share knowledge and experience in eServices and eGovernance; to learn from each other and provide a platform for cooperation as well as help reduce costs for testing of eServices and systems, and increase the spread of solutions for eGovernance.

Applied Research focus in the following areas

  • Modernisation of public sector systems and eServices
  • Configurable Process Models
  • eDemocracy and participative decision-making
  • Policy and Decision Support / Argument Visualisation
  • Internet of Things (IoT) & Cloud Services

eGovlab contributions to community

Recruitment – of developers and researchers as well as students on all levels to the university, qualified work force for stakeholders, sponsors and society at large.

Test Bed – A place where governments, public sector, innovators and businesses can view and utilise first hand innovative technologies and demonstrations of applied research.

Conceptualisation – Assist sponsors and innovators in creating new product concepts, provide critical feedback during various stages of product development, or help to reframe an existing product line.

Argument Visualisation and Decision Support – Offer knowledge and expertise in the above areas to stakeholders for support and consultation.

Intellectual Property – Generation of patents on new innovative products and methods.

Open Source Innovation – Support and foster open innovation that can be built upon by future generations in a collaborative & community-focused manner. Our platforms & capacity building tool-sets will also harness the potential of the open source movement – especially within the developing world context.

Business Incubation – Offer the use the facilities to stakeholders and sponsors to build business connections and collaborate with downstream partners.

Cultural and social awareness – Develop eGovernance tools that reflect and fit into specific political, governmental and geographical contexts and where successful implementation and practice will be facilitated by a good understanding of these notions.

Ethics & Privacy for Citizen Engagement – to promote and support careful consideration to the ethical and privacy concerns for citizens and policy makers alike with provision of a detailed manual of conduct that emerges from work the work of eGovlab, which will enable an honest, transparent and informed engagement with citizens.

An outreach and demonstration facility

As a part of a higher education institution whose task it is to interact with the community and to provide information to society about the institutions activities, eGovlab ensures that research benefits society as a whole.