Stadt Karlsruhe 01The Economic Development Department (EDD) is part of the city administration & local authority itself – the full range of strategic decisions, cluster policies including financial or any other support & policy advising is the core competence.  It  steers  the  Cities´  cluster  approach  and  initiates  and  co-coordinates  the  clusters  in Karlsruhe (CyberForum, EnergieForum & AEN). These Clusters affect the economic development of the Technology Region Karlsruhe and bring in their experience in cross-cluster activities.  After the first “fast track” CLOE project the EDD is part of the relevant Ministry driven boards to support cluster politics in Baden-Württemberg. The direct, reliable contact on top level leads to fast implementation of projects´ results into a further regional cluster policy development. It might lead – similar to the experiences made in CLOE – to the strategic use of ERDF for this aims.

Since 2009 the City of Karlsruhe has set up the “SmarterCity Karlsruhe” Initiative with partners from research and industries.  Global aims of the initiative are:

  • Coalescence of digital, physical and service infrastructure
  • Active involvement of citizens
  • Allocation of intelligent services and infrastructures for information, communication and mobility
  • New business models (international visibility)

Contribution to the project

The Project results will directly be transferred into the Cities Cluster politics and the Karlsruhe 2020 Strategy. The EDD will also contribute to the project by bringing in experience in the in the field of setup of regional cooperation’s, development & management of regional strategies well as internationalization.