E-ZavodE-Zavod is a non-profit development organisation, based in Ptuj, Slovenia. The scope of E-Zavod activities is focused on supporting the sustainable development with implementation of innovative R&D projects from the fields of innovation, economy, ecology, energy, ICT, rural development and social equity. E-Zavod contributes to successful implementation of national strategies; therefore the efforts are oriented to European integration and  realization  of  quality  projects,  supported  with  funds  or  policies  from  European  Union.  E-Zavod also performs different supporting activities for the Operational plans and Strategies of Slovenian ministries linked to the implementation of EU programmes.

E-Zavod also acts as a local business incubator for the Slovenia’s lower Podravje statistical region, called “Mozaik podjetništva” (eng. “Mosaic of Business”). Business incubator is offering help to new prospective firms with different supportive activities. The goal of this foundation is to achieve rise of undertaking culture in our region, contribution to greater success of individual business initiatives and development of a friendly region. The incubator works as private non-profit organisation and is not dependent on the public finances. As private incubator all funds for its management have to be collected through financial successfulness of involved companies.

E-Zavod acts also as E-Zavod Living Lab, is a member of ENoLL – European Network of Living Labs and member of SNoLL – Slovenian Network of Living Labs, with prime focus on the Innovation sphere.

Contribution to the project:

E-Zavod will be one of Slovenian partners actively participating within all project activities and lead WP7 mentoring, according to its strong involvement in the regional cluster development and its planned role in the mentoring within the Central European area

E-Zavod  will  be  the  main  initiator  and  coordinator  of  setting  up  of  a  regional  research  driven  cluster  in statistical region Podravje (North-East part of Slovenia with centre in the City of Maribor).