The UPSIDE partnership has been developed as a complementary consortium. In all participating clusters / regions, ICT is a very important policy driver, but they implement the triple helix concept and their research and innovation activities in different ways. The UPSIDE consortium partnership constituted of:

  • Two leading and highly innovative research-driven ICT-based clusters, namely CyberForum and Kista Science City, being among the top three European ICT clusters in terms of employments.
  • One high-tech region, Brainport Eindhoven, leading for ICT innovation in several domains.
  • One recently established and dynamic research-driven ICT cluster – mCluster in Tartu, Estonia – with a strong development pace and strong networks in the Baltic Area
  • One emerging cluster to be established in the framework of the project – Maribor.
  • Living Lab Global, with global expertise in the scope of the project.

Our project partners (abbreviation) in particular are: