High Capacity Digital Societies – Make it happen! Bled, Slovenia

21st June 2016

UPSIDE organised the project final conference within the 29th Bled eConference 2016 in a one-day track with the title: “High Capacity Digital Societies – Make it happen!” on the 21st of June.

In the morning, two hands-on workshops with current cities challenges were addressed, by using open innovation approaches. While in the afternoon, the conference hosted “external speakers” on topics like  “The role of clusters in innovation”, besides some very interesting presentations related to project results.

UPSIDE Program


The Conference took place in the framework of the Bled eConference entitled “Digital Economy” (http://bledconference.org/). This conference included also the Final Conference of the Be Wiser project (“Clusters and Cybersecurity – Be Wiser outlines Europe’s Cybersecurity Challenges“, June 22nd).


Futur en Seine: Testing Smart Cities of tomorrow

Also this year, UPSIDE Partners participated in the Futur en Seine event.

When: June 9th, 3:30-5:30 pm

Where: Paris

A Smart City is a city in which information and communication technologies as well as resource-saving technologies are systematically used in order to tread the path to a post-carbon society, decrease consumption of resources, and to sustainably increase the quality of life for citizens and the competitiveness of the local economy. In this context, the integration and crosslinking of different fields of action is important in order to realize rooms for improvement in economical, ecological, and social areas. The UPSIDE project tested participative approaches, which involve all relevant actors (citizens, public administration, science, and economy), and especially engage citizens and public administration as “end users”, in shaping the city of tomorrow. Results of the project were presented for different European Cities, such as Tartu, Kista-Stockholm and Karlsruhe.


UPSIDE Innovation Workshops

Eindhoven University of Technology (UPSIDE partner) and the Metropole Region Eindhoven announced a series of UPSIDE Innovation Workshops on March 21st, April 29th, May 27th, June 27th and August 1st 2016. The workshops aimed to find and develop innovative solutions to a set of challenges related to the “Bereikbaar Zuid-Nederland” (‘Reachable South Netherlands’) program. This program is based on the ‘co-creation’ output of more than 130 actors from the Quadruple Helix, who developed a vision for the reachability and livability of the South-Netherlands (Province of Noord-Brabant, Province of Limburg).

During the UPSIDE Innovation Workshops, the participants took part in a facilitated ‘ideation’ process addressing some of the challenges from the ‘bid book’ associated with the aforementioned program. This series of workshops provided a set of proposals for solving some of the challenges related to the program and the outcome of the series of workshops were presented to the appropriate organizations involved in the implementation of the program. Furthermore the UPSIDE Innovation Workshops results were published to enable citizens and other people to provide their feedback on the various proposals.



EUREKA Innovation Week 2016 – Stockholm

26-29 April 2016


During the EUREKA Innovation Week international collaboration activities hosted by the EUREKA Associated Countries will be presented; including, an Innovation event showcasing Smart cities initiatives and on-going activities within the thematic EUREKA Clusters. The event is a perfect opportunity to network and to meet future project partners via the several organized events. Get inspired, gain new ideas, make many new contacts with potential business partners during the EUREKA innovation week.

Kista partners (Bevel and Kista Science City) are organizing an UPSIDE workshop, to continue the work and exchanges with Montreal. Follow program updates here: https://www.delegia.com/app/attendee/default.asp?PageId=43579&MenuItemId=39306&ProjectId=727


ICT4AWE 2nd International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies for Ageing Well and e-Health

21-22 April 2016

The International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies for Ageing Well and e-Health aims to be a meeting point for those that study and apply information and communication technologies for improving the quality of life of the elderly and for helping people stay healthy, independent and active at work or in their community along their whole life. ICT4AWE facilitates the exchange of information and dissemination of best practices, innovation and technical improvements in the fields of age-related health care, education, social coordination and ambient assisted living. From e-Health to intelligent systems, and ICT devices, this will be a point of interest for all those that work in research and development and in companies involved in promoting the well-being of aged people, by providing room for industrial presentations, demos and project descriptions.

For more Information and deadlines: http://www.ict4ageingwell.org/Home.aspx

Download here the flyer.


KistaHigh Capacity Digital Society-Making it happen!

4th February 2016

Bevel and Kista Science City organized an UPSIDE Cluster2Cluster Workshop & Transatlantic Webinar targetting opportunities and needs in Industry,  Research&Development and Society.
The Workshop will include High Capacity Digital Society’s themes, such as “Transforming Public Services and Business” and “Bringing Smart Services to Home & Workplace”. The topics will be explored within the Cluster2Cluster collaboration between Stockholm (Kista) and Montreal.

For more information download the programm here.


November 2015

30th: UPSIDE – World Café: Smarter City Playful Challenge
in Karlsruhe, Germany
More information: http://www.upside-project.eu/news/

3rd – 6th:     18th TCI Conference
in Daegu, Korea
More information: http://www.tci-network.org/tci2015

October 2015

20th – 22nd:     ICT 2015 – Innovate, Connect, Transform
in Lisbon, Portugal
More information: https://ec.europa.eu/digital-agenda/en/ict2015-innovate-connect-transform-lisbon-20-22-october-2015

September 2015

23rd & 24th:     Digital Health Days
in Stockholm, Sweden
More information: http://www.digitalhealthdays.se/

August 2015

25th – 28th:     OpenLivingLab Days 2015
in Istanbul, Turkey
More information: http://www.openlivinglabs.eu/event/openlivinglab-days-2015

July 2015

6th – 9th:     PACIS 2015 (IT and Open Innovation)
in Singapore
More information: http://pacis2015.comp.nus.edu.sg/

June 2015

11th – 21st:     Futur en Seine
in Paris, France
More information: http://www.futur-en-seine.fr/fens2014/en

9th – 10th:     Smart Life 2015
B2B Matchmaking Event in Paris, France
More information: please contact hofmann@cyberforum.de for preliminary agenda and/or application form

7th – 10th:     28th Bled eConference
in Bled, Slovenia
More information: http://bledconference.org/

May 2015

18th:     Workshop „Get inspired. Solving Health Challenges with Digital Technology.” in line with Health 2.0 Europe 2015
in Barcelona, Spain
More information: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/get-inspired-tickets-16375768364
and: http://www.health2con.com/

March 2015

24th – 26th:     Cluster World Congress
in Dabrowa Gornicza, Poland
More information: http://clusterworldcongress.com/

18th & 19th:     European Cluster Days
in Strasbourg, France
More information: http://en.europeanclusterdays.eu/

12th & 13st:     UPSIDE Consortium Meeting
in Maribor, Slovenia

2nd – 5th:     Mobile World Congress (MWC 2015)
in Barcelona, Spain
More information: http://www.mobileworldcongress.com/

January 2015

18th – 26th:     UPSIDE Business Delegation Trip
to Pune & Mumbai, India



December 2014

11th & 12th:     4 presentations of UPSIDE by Bevel And Kista
in Montreal, Canada

9th & 10th:     UPSIDE Consortium Meeting
in Eindhoven, The Netherlands
More information: http://www.sre.nl/publicaties/nieuwsberichten/gebruikers-aan-zet-bij-ontwikkeling-ict-toepassingen-in-de-zorg-upside (only in Dutch)

September 2014

30th & 1st October:     The 9th Fair “Zukunft Kommune” with a theme series with focus on innovative Smart City solutions
in Karlsruhe, Germany
More information: http://www.zukunft-kommune.de (only in German)

17th – 19th:     Baltic Dynamics 2014
in Tartu, Estonia

16th – 19th:     26th Annual EAIE Conference
in Prague, Czech Republic
More information: http://www.eaie.org/home/conference/prague.html

15th – 17th:     The 6th International ACM Conference on Management of Emergent Digital EcoSystems (MEDES 2014)
in Buraidah al Qassim, Saudi Arabia
More information: http://sigappfr.acm.org/MEDES/14/

June 2014

23rd – 25th:     Cities Summit – Solutions worth sharing
in London, United Kingdom
More information: http://citiessummit.evolero.com/

     City of Tartu published the challenge call “Maximising data to improve public transport” at CityMart platform as part of UPSIDE internationalisation activity. With this challenge Tartu is looking for ways to improve public transport to ensure a sustainable and optimum, high-quality service for all. The UPSIDE project also was present at this event.

12th & 13th:     t-Gov: – Co-Creating Public Services of the Future: The Role of ICT and Citizens’ Participation in Transforming Government
in London, United Kingdom
More information: http://www.tgovworkshops.org/

5th & 6th:     7th Int. Conference for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Regional Development
in Nicosia, Cyprus
More information:  https://iceird2014.cs.ucy.ac.cy

2nd – 5th:     Living Bits and Things – Internet of Things driving business to empower the society
in Bled, Slovenia
More information: http://www.livingbitsandthings.com/lbt14/2014/1

2nd & 3rd:     UPSIDE Consortium Meeting and Mentoring
within Bled eConference, Slovenia

1st – 5th:     27th Bled eConference
in Bled, Slovenia
More information: http://www.bledconference.org/index.php/eConference/2014

April 2014

23rd:     Project presentation within Open Alps Conference
in Maribor, Slovenia
More information: http://www.open-alps.eu

March 2014

20th & 21st:     UPSIDE Consortium Meeting
in Stockholm, Sweden

January 2014

10th – 15th:     First UPSIDE international activity: Tamara Högler from CyberForum presents the UPSIDE project at several occasions during a Business Delegation Trip to India, visiting the cities Mumbai and Poona.



December 2013

11th:     Regions of Knowledge Capitalisation Workshop
of the European Commission in Brussels, Belgium

November 2013

14th & 15th:     UPSIDE Consortium Meeting
in Eindhoven, The Netherlands

12th & 13th:     Living Bits and Things
in Bled, Slovenia
More information: http://www.livingbitsandthings.com/events/2013/1

September 2013

18th:     Press conference at CyberForum (Karlsruhe, Germany) on UPSIDE

August 2013

22nd & 23rd:     UPSIDE Kickoff Meeting
in Karlsruhe, Germany

July 2013

1st:     Official start of the UPSIDE project