The Joint Action Plan (JAP) defines a common strategy and measures to be implemented so as to foster the development of innovation systems able to accelerate the cycle of research, innovation and adoption in real-life environments within these fields.

Thereby, the JAP serves as an instrument for the coordination of RTD activities between clusters/regions. In addition to the pilot test beds in the UPSIDE-regions, the JAP will also contribute to the coordination of additional research and innovation activities, in specific:

  • Staff exchange programme between the clusters,
  • Identification and development of joint RTD and innovation projects.

Moreover, as part of the JAP, the aspects of internationalisation and mentoring will provide a specific contribution to the coordination of activities with respect to the development of research-driven ICT clusters and the development of innovative solutions for health, mobility, public services and energy (resource efficiency). These activities involve and address explicitly partners outside the consortium.

The UPSIDE partners agreed on following twelve joint actions:

  1. World Cafés for User-Driven Participatory Solutions for Smart Cities/Regions
  2. Sustainable living labs
  3. Development and Pilot Testing of the Smart City/ Region Assessment and Benchmarking Methodology
  4. Innovation workshops
  5. Joint application to collaborative research and innovation funding schemes
  6. Masterclass eHealth
  7. eHealth Regional Mapping
  8. Participatory e-Governance solutions and public services
  9. Maribor cluster set-up
  10. Mentoring emerging research driven clusters
  11. Study visits to facilitate international collaboration (non-EU countries)
  12. Staff Exchange Programme between UPSIDE partners

The pilot test beds in each partner region are closely linked to the Joint Actions and shall contribute to the emergence of interoperable innovation platforms as well as a faster development of single European markets for innovative digital services in the application areas selected.