In short, the joint internationalisation efforts of the UPSIDE regions/clusters are associated with two strategic goals:

  1. Fostering smart specialisation of the UPSIDE regions/clusters in areas of considerable future global growth potential

This goal will be achieved via better integration the UPSIDE clusters in the global value chains, securing access to key enabling technologies and cost-efficient supply chains worldwide in the targeted fields of (1) smart energy, (2) intelligent transportation solutions and smart mobility, (3) smart public services, (4) health and smart living. Regarding this goal, exchange of knowledge and technology transfer between the UPSIDE regions and strategic international partners, mutual learning and joint input to the development of the addressed value chains holds a central role. An important aspect here is also stronger self-positioning and increased visibility in the international arena for UPSIDE clusters and regions, to be acknowledged as leading players in their fields and partners-of-choice for other excellent companies/clusters/regions all over the world.

  1. Generating new revenues in the target markets (Asia and North America)

From the perspective of the cluster companies, the rationale of internationalisation activities ultimately comes down to increased competitiveness and higher revenues. This will be achieved via entering new markets in Asia and North America (potentially also in Australia) identified as offering the best opportunities for the UPSIDE clusters and their members. Both soft landing as well as assistance in the form of various practical services supporting e.g. setting up pilots, building competitive business units/ joint ventures in the target markets are necessary for this aim. To provide services that are truly valuable to the companies of the UPSIDE regions, collaboration with strong local partners (the shortlisted international cluster as well as other stakeholders) with in-depth market knowledge, access to relevant information, networks, etc. are invaluable.


In this context the below travels were executed (follow link for more details):