The growing of Urban ICT Arena begins!

The test bed and collaboration arena for digital development in Kista will come true. This is decided since several operators in industry, government, research institutes and universities jointly endorsed the initiative and has signed the cooperation agreement. The arena is called Urban ICT Arena and is starting up in 2016.

Urban ICT Arena is an open co-creation arena and testbed in Kista. Here the opportunities of digitalization is developed, tested and displayed in an urban environment.
Within Urban ICT Arena the academia, industry and public sector together will develop new digital opportunities and solutions for the future of society and business.
Promoters are the Electrum Foundation in cooperation with the Founding Partners City of Stockholm County Administrative Board of Stockholm, Ericsson AB, IBM Swedish AB, KTH, Stockholm University and the Swedish ICT.
In Urban ICT Arena there will be showcases of existing projects and research as well as development and testing of new ones. It is the comprehensive whole, with a broad variety of IT-infrastructure (wired and wireless), together with an educational and sharing intention and strategy that makes the arena unique.
Urban ICT Arena is both an important component of a dynamic economy and one of the tools needed in the ambition of making Stockholm the world’s smartest city.

Timetable (2016)

  • In April the website www.urbanictarena.se will be launched.
  • Also in April Stokab will begin to construct the new dark fiber infrastructure along Kistagången and connect lamp posts, bus shelters and buildings all the way.
  • In May the Project Place (built by IBM) will be launched.
  • Before June at least three pilot projects is running.
  • In September the basic IT-infrastructure of Urban ICT Arena will be inaugurated.
  • Before the end of the year at least ten projects are running.



Petra Dalunde, Chief Operating Officer Urban ICT arena

petra.dalunde@kista.com +46 70-415 92 09