Pilot project 1: ‘Exploitation of ICT technologies to support Smart city activities’

Main aim

Cities and urban areas are expanding all around the world due to urban growth and migration. The increase in population increases the demand on the base infrastructure of each city. For instance demand for water and energy increase due to the increased consumption. There is also an increased need for higher public transport capacities, as well as increased demand on heath institutions and service established for protection (police, firefighters, paramedics). Forward-thinking cites are trying to take advantage of new technologies, skills and knowledge originating mainly from ICT, such as cloud technologies, the Internet of Things and migration to big open data. Namely, forward thinking authorities recognize that in spite budget cuts and scarcity of cities resources and potential (including infrastructure) the new technologies offer not only challenges but also several opportunities. By migrating to big open data and development of feature analytical tools stakeholders may gain a deeper insight into internal workings of different city’s potentials. The IoT phenomena allows them acquire and combine data from various existing and new sensors and data sources in order to obtain even more information about cities potential. The Cloud technology then allows them not only to share information but to develop composite applications ensuring join participation and facilitate the creation of joint activities benefiting both public and private stakeholders.

The main objective of the initiative is to develop a technological framework for smart cities (platform and a pilot smart city of Maribor), which will exploit new technologies (ICT and social) in order to increase the potential and attractiveness of a city in an environmentally friendly way, and thereby create new business opportunities for public and private stakeholders as well as benefits for final users (citizens, tourists and visitors). In order to achieve the specified goals and challenges of urban information model the consortium foresees research & development activities being carried in on cloud solutions supported with big open data in the following areas: smart energy, smart infrastructure, smart buildings, smart mobility, smart health, smart education and government and smart security.

Picture 1: Plan of supported areas in cloud solutions with open data

Maribor - plan of supported areas



  • Pilot project is one of the 4 identified pilot projects in the framework of SCM. 11 stakeholders of the SCM cluster participate (companies, university and technology park).
  • Project concept was presented on national event for development of Slovenian Smart strategy specialization, on 16th of June 2015, in the framework of strategy priority ‘Healthy working and living environment’, including smart cities and communities, smart buildings and homes.

Further steps

  • Development of the smart home project in the form of a living lab / demo centre where the developing / test / demonstrate primarily services the user interaction. The project does not require major infrastructure investments.
  • Project integration of communication with end users of public infrastructure (energy, water, transport, etc.)


Pilot project 2:Smart neighbourhood Maribor’

Main aim

The purpose of the demonstration project “Maribor’s Smart neighbourhood” is first to set up and then present a system for advanced local control of electricity production from renewable energy sources and a system for advanced local control of electricity consumption in accordance with the postulates of systemic energy efficiency, energy self-sufficiency, smart electricity grid concepts, and by taking into account the individual requirements of advanced active users in private households.

The planned solutions represent an innovation both from a technical as well as from a socio-economic point of view because the advanced services of smart communities – as they have been defined and planned in the project – have never been established or implemented as a demonstration project (“unique solutions”) before. The system foreseen in this will be set up in the same geographic location. Nonetheless, it will be possible to apply and diversify verified solutions and gained experiences to other environments or communities.

The project is divided into 3 sections, which are logically interrelated and together represent a comprehensive innovation both from a technical as well as socio-economic point of view:

  • advanced local management of production
  • advanced energy management in the neighborhood
  • advanced management of public lighting.

Involved SCM partners:

  • Municipality of Maribor (coordinator and provider of social analysis, the owner of the existing infrastructure)
  • Elektro Maribor, company for electricity distribution, d.d. (Service provider, the owner of the existing infrastructure for smart communities and battery electric vehicles)
  • Nigrad, utility company, d.d. (Concessionaire and operator of the public lighting)
  • Drava power plants Maribor d.o.o. (the biggest Slovenian producer of electricity from
  • renewable energy sources, the owner of the existing infrastructure for battery-electric vehicles)
  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Maribor (research partner)
  • TECES Technology Centre for Electrical Machines (research partner that has links with

Industry and competence center Advanced Systems for Efficient Use electricity)


  • Feasibility study completed (University of Ljubljana), which was financed by SPIRIT – Public Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Development, Investment and Tourism.

Further steps:

  • Validated and functioning system of local advanced production management electricity from renewable energy sources and advanced local control electricity consumption energy in the same geographic location in Maribor.
  • Established a pool of advanced active household and business customers’ services smart communities in Maribor.